Thursday, May 27


Today's quote for the day...
“Some people are like Slinkies - not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you see one tumble down the stairs.”

Tuesday, May 25

Job Hunt

So as my search for the perfect job continues I found that I might just be perfect for....
Bed Warmer - Last month a Holiday Inn in London added this service: A staffer outfitted in a white fleecy getup from head to toe rolls around in your bed for five minutes (by himself/herself) and leaves you with toasty sheets.

Breath Odor Evaluator

My new job ambition may come in handy with the fellas as I can have the sexiest breath there is... given my obsession with teeth brushing this might be just the job for me. Although I am not so sure it will be so fun smelling the ones that don't work.
Breath Odor Evaluator – Take deep sniffs of morning breath and breath "insulted" with coffee and other known bad-breath makers to test how mints and mouthwashes work – or don't work.

Monday, May 24


As I realize just how fast time flies I just have to say this quote is certainly a good one for today...

Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils ... - Louis Hector Berlioz

Thursday, May 6

Big Ears Can Save Your Life

Ming, Ming a six year old boy in China, was saved from the certain death of an eight-story fall when his head got stuck in the bars of a window after he fell through. He is believed to have wandered to the window while looking for his grandfather, who had left him sleeping to run an errand. The only thing that prevented from plunging straight through the grate to his death by his ears. Yes his ears, dumbo years are not only good for flying they are good for saving you from falling as well. Due to his ears, Ming Ming was left dangling high above the street, to the terror of passers-by below.

His screams, audible at street level, alerted them to his life-threatening predicament. Don’t move, Ming Ming! Firefighters work to save a six-year-old boy whose head got stuck in a window grate… eight stories up. Ming Ming appears to be praying as workers fight desperately to free him. Emergency services raced to save him, worried the weight of his body might pull him through the bars or cause him to suffocate. They used a hydraulic pressure expander to force the bars apart and pulled Ming Ming back into his family’s flat. A large crowd gathered on the street below as they carried out the rescue.

Truly this was a close call, and truly miraculous.