Saturday, May 21

Open Season 2

Open Season 2 (2008)---- 7/10 Stars PG

Okay so I am not usually a huge fan of sequels, and I can't even say I was a huge fan of the first Open Season. Perhaps I was just overly tired when I watched this, but I was presently surprised by it. Then again I do have a little kid since of humor, and love animated movies for the most part. There were a lot of one liners in this movie that made me love it. In its own right it is a very fun movie with some hilarious moments, mainly involving the white furball poodle type dog with the most amazing voice actor for the character. Fifi alone could keep me entertained for a few hours. The animation is OK, there are points where it is great, and others where it looks more like something I would do. The story is simple but effective. It tells the story of a daschund called Mr Weeny who was with the "gang" after escaping from his owners, which are an over loving woman and a guy that wasn't concentrated on very much. Basically Mr Weeny gets found by her again, and Elliott sees her pick Mr Weeny up and he thinks she is hurting him, and the movie starts on their journey to find Mr Weeny. There are other sub stories as well, but I don't want to spoil the movie, because although it isn't brilliant, it is still good enough to stick on for a few laughs, and is worth seeing. And just for kicks here are a few of my favorite lines….although there are many more...

Roberto: How long do you think it'll be till we stop? 'Cause I gotta poop. Seriously, I gotta poop really bad.
Fifi: I said that it was going to be a long ride, but you never listen. Just like when I told you not to eat that leftover burrito grande.

Roberto: Come on, Fifi. I think a bald spot makes you look more sophisticated. Singe is the new pompadour.

Elliot: Weenie,... When did you get here?
Mr. Weenie: Don't you see. Boog, McSquizzy, Giselle. They'll all be torn to pieces.
Elliot: Torn to "pizzas"?
Mr. Weenie: Pieces, you strudelkopf.

Fifi: I have had it! No more! The wild animals have pushed me too far! The next Wild I see crawl out of that forest, if they don't have their papers, they are getting a full-Fifi-smackdown! This... Is... War!

Elliot: [when Boog asks where are the toilets in the forest] Don't look now, but I see a little bush with your name written all over it.
Boog: A bush? Are you serious?
Elliot: Go on. Its just like riding a bicycle, only... you're crapping on it.
Elliot: Show us your GRRR face, nature boy!

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