Saturday, February 26

It's The Most Shamrock-ful Time Of The Year!!!!!!!

Tuesday night after a super duper bible study, I got the most random urg to go to McDonald's before heading off to my night job. I had no idea why since I am not usually a big fan of McDonald's and hadn't been there in months. But I could not resist as I was craving something I knew not what. As I pulled through the drive through and looked at the sign I knew instantly that I had been guided there by God himself as I saw SHAMROCK SHAKES!!!!! I had no idea that they were ever offered this early, as early March was the earliest I had ever gotten one. And I was so so so excited!!!!! They are back my friends and just as delicious as ever, this year they are even offering whipped cream and a cherry to top them off!!!! And as I am now surrounded by McDonald's I see nothing stopping me from shattering last years record of 38! I am well on my way with 8 so far and it isn't even March. Just thought I would let you all know the Shakes are back get them while they last!!!!! Enjoy!!!!