Sunday, July 29

A Bucket List Update

Hello All,

          I would like to give you all my apologies as I have been rather absent lately, hopefully I can start to remedy that a bit. I told you all that I would keep you all up to date as I make progress on my Bucket List so I thought I would pass the updated list and include a few highlights of my accomplishments in the last 18 months or so since I made the list. 

Learn to let myself make mistakes and try new things even if I will fail/ Learn to live day by day, not letting the past drag me down nor the future pull me ahead too fast

So to be perfectly honest I totally forgot I had even thought of this/ put such a crazy thing on my list. Yet oddly enough if I had to sum up the last 18 months or so that would be exactly what my model has been. In all seriousness I could go on and on about everything or most everything and everyday since I made this list has in many ways reflected this life model. Have I master this by no means, but I can certainly claim I have made substantial progress in doing so, truly stepping out of my comfort zones and had the time of my life as a result. Certainly understanding what it means to live life to the fullest, which is awesome as this was my whole intent of the bucket list in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I make a lot of mistakes and look like a fool pretty much every second of every day, but I rarely regret trying, and I have grown, loved, laughed, smiled, and been blessed so much as a result. I would like to challenge you get off your computer go out there do something you have never done before, forget about yesterday's burdens and the troubles of tomorrow and have the time of your life, if only for today. Life is way to short to allow our fears to control our lives and prevent us from stepping out and living freely as God intends us too. God can and will work through us in our chains but we can accomplish so much more when we break free and learn to let go and no longer allow fear to drive us. I have learned to stop saying I can't and never say never ( and no I didn't get that from Justin Bieber). The fact is we all can do just about anything and if there are not things being scarified other than our pride and our fears then we ought to step out and try, and finally experience the abundant life God has for us. " The thief comes not but that he may steal, and kill, and destroy: I am come that they might have life, and might have it abundantly." ~John 10:10 

Learn to say “no” without feeling guilty/ Learn to act within my sphere of influence and stop worrying about things which are not within my control

 These go right along with the first one and certainly ones I am far from and will likely never fully master. Never say never though, after all, "all things are possible with God". This was a particularly hard lesson for me to learn and still haven't mastered, there is something deep within me that just wants to do it all, and desperately seeks acceptance, never wanting to disappoint anyone and wants to be needed. I think as humans we all have some degree of this. What I finally realized is that you end up not only killing yourself by committing to way more that you can feasibly do you also end up no longer being needed cause you aren't able to do what is done when you are so run down and you do dissapoint by not being able to do all you committed too. I don't care how good you are, eventually all the yeses will eventually turn into a large mess of half done tasks and a burned out, overwhelmed you. Learn to hear God's voice put your all into what you are deeply passionate about and say no when you can't help. Know your limitations and give up your pride. Be yourself be humble and things turn out a million times better in the end. Also focus on what you can do start small you will not change the world and solve all its problems overnight. Do what you can reach who you know. Start there focus there poor out there not trying to do everything. I say all of this from years of never saying no and always trying to fix things I had no control over. I have finally learned to surrened control and to learn that saying no can actually be the best thing you can do sometimes, and certainly nothing to feel guilty about.
    Master DDR, get a C or higher on Expert in all the songs
So DDR may seem silly but I was rather hardcore into it for a few months got pretty good too I might add could play most songs on difficult, a few in Expert. I certainly haven't crossed this off the list. I set my goals high may never reach it that well but I just wanted to say I did go rather far and cetainly had a crazy awesome work out, all the while greatly entertaining Mimi and Freado I might add (the older couple I used to take care off)

White Water Rafting

My family and I all went White Water Rafting in July at Jim Thorp in the Poconos. I would recommend going, especially if you haven't gone before, just take a different family. My mom just laughed and tried to give us directions falling every time and ended up throwing here paddle off the raft near the begging of the trip. My dad randomly jumped off to cool off nearly cracking his head open, my sister paddled backwards the entire time and my brother kept trying to flip the raft. So needless to say it was an adventure for sure

Lazor Tag
In July my Grandma took my twin cousins, Nick and Zack, George, Alyssa and I out to Skate Estate. Where we go to play some Mini golf, roller skate, I actually only feel once! Thank you very much. And finially got to knock yet another thing off my list playing some laser tag. Was a lot of fun, although I admit I stink miserably, lost by a long shot too kids well over half my age but now I can at least say I did it. Next time I will have my payback though, don't you worry.

To pray all day everyday/ To know what it means to follow ever Christ fully /To live each day in search of bringing God glory

Once Again I sure know how to set the bar high don't I?   I am certain I am far from fully accomplishing all of that and will never be able to fully master this at least that is what my spiritual journey has taught me so far.  It's a never ending process and there is always growth to be made.  The way I see it if I stop growing I am in trouble, so I hope to always be growing and never stop striving for this.  May everything I do bring honor to God.  I have grown tremendously since I began this quest of fulfilling my crazy long bucket list.   I can't say I pray all day everyday but I certainly pray a whole lot more.  God is my best friend and my greatest hope.  He is all knowing and I can no longer imagine not consulting and talking with him on a daily if not minute bases.  I have learned what it means to fully follow after Christ.  Unfortunately actually doing so is even harder than my goals.  I am working on it, and praying for the strength to continually surrender to my flesh, fears and worldly desires so that I may fully live as God intends and fully glorify him in all I do and am. 

Pets :)

Well I still have a ways to go at accomplishing all the pets I hope to get but I was about to get a turtle on one of my hikes in September. Found the smallest turtle yet so tiny and decided to keep him. I named him Felix, turns out he is a snapping turtle so not all that sure how it will last but he is nearly a year old and I love him and no snapping has been done as of yet. I also have two African Dwarf Frogs that are super cutie ans so fun to watch. The list is not what I wish but its working on it and some progress is being made. Given that I still don't have a place to call home I can't complain.

Go to Africa/ Go on a Safari

So the single and greatest moment of my life to date apart from declaring myself God's was having the incredible opportunity to go to Senegal, Africa this past March/ April  

~Go to A Broadway Play
Fire a Pistol

Kick negative habits (caffeine addiction, overeating, watching too much television, spending too much wasted time online

Glimpse to what's coming...

Some time this summer or early fall I am going skydiving with a few of my friends, not too late to join the adventure.
I will at least be attempting to walk across the country starting on April 22nd 2013. Check out my blog Krista walks the country for updated information on my planning, prep process, fundraising and trip information. I will certainly be keeping you posted as the date approaches. I also plan to write a book when I return discussing all my adventures. In the process of walking across or on the way back I hope to also go to Vegas and see the grand canyon, and I plan to shave my head just before I go for Saint Baldricks to support cancer, kill a couple things off my list all in one giant adventure.
*To pay off all my school debt

And Here is the Official Updated List 

feel free to add suggestions/ keep me accountable or comment if you like 

*To set foot on each of the seven continents. Antarctica will be the last, but I want to see them all once.  (Well I can now check Africa off the list making 3 of the seven xD just Australia, Europe, Asia, and Antarctica left)

*To go to all 50 states. I have been to 18 so far...32 more to go

*Going along with the 50 states, I am also going to take a picture in front of each state sign with my friend Bryan we have NY and PA, but soon to be more as we are venturing out on a road trip to NC soon. 
 *To go abroad and live like a local for at least 6 months.

*Climb one of the world’s Seven Summits. 

*Scuba dive ideally in the Great Barrier Reef, but at least somewhere.

*Spend 24 hours alone in the jungle, well with the animals of course

*Stand at the North and/or South Pole.

 *Walk across the United States

*Go to the Grand Canyon

*Go to Vegas

 *See the Northern Lights

*Go to the Amazon Rainforest

*See the Acropolis in Greece

 *Go to Hagia Sophia, Turkey

*See Italy all of it

*See the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt up close

*Go to the Great Wall of China

*See the Taj Mahal, India

 *Ride a camel in the Sahara desert

*Go Backpacking through Europe

*See the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

 *See Mount Rushmore

*Climb up the Statue of Liberty

*Visit Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

*Go to Israel

*Go Island Hopping in the Caribbean

Things I want to learn and do

~Fire a Pistol

~Swim with dolphins

~Meet the love of my life

~Build an aquarium in my floor, ceiling or wall

~Get a pet snake, lizard, puppy and calf

~Join a bowling league

~Learn to ski/ water ski

 ~Climb an active volcano

~Go skydiving


~Go sailing

~Hike the Appalachian Trail

~Ride a unicycle

~Learn to skateboard on ramps

~Go windsurfing

~Go deep sea fishing

~Go ice fishing

~Go alligator hunting and catch one 

~Go snowboarding

~Learn to play an obscure musical instrument, such as The Hang

 ~Dive with a whale shark


~Learn to say “hello” in 50 languages---- up to 15 languages making some progress at least

~Learn to play the guitar

~Compose a song

~Sing Karaoke in public

~Learn these dances; Salsa, Rhumba, the Cha-cha-cha, Tango, Waltz, the Foxtrot, Samba, Ballroom dancing, the Flamenco, the Jitterbug, and Hula.

~Ride in a hot air balloon

~Go paragliding

~Go snorkeling in a shipwreck

~Ride a mechanical bull and a real one

~Attend a Rodeo

~Go rock climbing

~Race a sports car

~Go paint balling

~Take a canopy tour (traversing between trees on a zip line)

~Ride the 10 largest roller coasters in the world

~Go on a cruise

~Experience weightlessness

~Learn how to use a pogo stick effectively

 ~Mush a Dog Sled

~See a platypus

~Spend a week at a Silent Retreat

~Learn to forgive fully

~Explore the depths of the ocean and sea in submersible or submarine

~Do 25 pull ups all in one set

~Milk a poisonous snake

~ Go spelunking

 ~Go a year never using Facebook

 ~Go to the Kentucky Derby

~Go to a St. Patrick’s Day Parade

~Go to Times Square on New Year’s Eve

~ Shave my head

~ Start a Fire without matches or a lighter

 ~ Drink 100+ shamrock shakes in one season

Things to Accomplish

*Make stained glass windows, or blow glass

* To find a job/ career I love 

*Let go of all of my negative emotions and limiting beliefs

*Discover my life’s purpose

*To live each day in search of bringing God glory

*To pay off all my school debt

*To pray all day everyday

*To know what it means to follow ever Christ fully

*Get married

*Save someone's life

*Have children

*Buy or build a house

*Get a PhD

*Cut the ribbon at a major opening

*Make the front page of the newspaper

*Make a difference in at least one person’s life

*Build a Habitat for Humanity Home

*Donate blood- if they ever let me

*Write a children’s book

*Write a travel book

*Go on at least 2 game shows

*Leave a valuable contribution in my area of expertise what ever that ends up being

*Invent something amazing and patent it

*Create my own board game

*Make a documentary film of my life

*Have my blog get to the Technorati top 1000/ also to get over a billion views

*Create a home with an inviting, joyous, comfortable, loving atmosphere.

*Master DDR, get a C or higher on Expert in all the songs

*Shake hands with someone who has truly changed a country.

*Break a Guinness World Record

*Leave a Mark in this world

Tuesday, June 12

Walking Across the Country

Hey Friends!

           I realize it has been far too long since I have blogged which makes me terribly sad.  I am very sorry to all my committed followers, I hope that you were some how able to survive without my posts for so long and that you can find it in your hearts to first off, forgive me then to start reading once more.  Although I can not make up for all the lost time I am going to start blogging again on a weekly basis if not more.  In addition I have decided to come back into the blogging world with an announcement of epic proportions.   Drum roll please....

        I will be walking across the entire United States of America next spring!!

Yes, yes I have thought about this and yes I am crazy and will certain face many difficulties in making this goal a reality not the least of which committing 7-9 months of my life, thousands in experiences, lots of muscle pains, giving up all the common day givens we all take for granted like running water, food, nice bed, clean clouting,  and a whole lot more.  I certainly have my worries and concerns as can be expected but short of God revealing a different plan for me between now and then I will be setting out on April 22nd 2013  (Earth Day)  to walk across the country.  All the details are still in the works but I will likely be basing much of my route after the American Discovery Trail, since there is a trail that goes all the way across why not?

I am starting a separate blog all about my pre trip, during the trip and post trip experiences and information.  Please check it out and spread the word.  Krista Walks the Country.

Also if you are interested in helping me out check out some of the ways you can help!

Give Financially
So clearly a 7 month journey across the trip can't just happen with out some financial help.  I mean we all have to work to put food on our plates not to mention all the bills that come up right?  Well just because I have decided to walk across the country my bills and need for food, supplies, lodging, etc will not go away in fact much of that will go up!  I plan on being as frugal as I can, camping out most of the time, stocking up and carrying what I can etc, but I still have to pay all my bills and I won't exactly be able to work while I am walking across the country, that's where you come in.  Even if it is as small as a dollar it all adds up and every little bit will help me make this a possibility.  For some additional intensive other then the satisfaction of being able to say you were apart of me walking across the country and all the inside stories, knowledge, adventures and pictures I will share with you I am offering so additional benefits.  Anyone that can donate $60 or more (roughly a penny for every mile I will be walking) will get there name or a name of there choosing on one of the shirts I will be wearing across the country.  Also anyone that gives $100 or more will get honorable mention by name in my book when I write about all my adventures, and a free copy!  No promises on the timeline for the book though.  Giving is quite simple and you don't have to give that much, remember every bit helps, you can give the money directly to me or simplyclick the donate picture on  If I miraculous raise more than I need to make it across the country (Funds are going to only be covering the cost of food, lodging, supplies needed for the trip, not for my bills, entertainment etc.) all addition funds will be going to support missions in Africa.  An additional perk is every month I will randomly draw one donor that will win a prize or have the option of making me doing there choice of humiliating activities, to an audience of there choosing.

One thing God continually reminds me of is to never underestimate the POWER of prayer.  I am going to be depending on prayer support throughout this journey, majorly. This is certainly not an easy task and I will not be taking this lightly.  Yes, I am ecstatic about all I will see and experience along the way, but like life it is not all wonderful.  I will be full of many ups and downs and many challenges I haven't had the foresight to see.  Not to mention being away from friends and family for so long having rather limited human contact many times and only with strangers when I do.  I would love prayer for the safety of the journey, financial support, for strength and determination to finish it, for God to use it as I know he will to teach and mold me further into the women he designed me to be, for loneliness, etc.  But most importantly, I am seeking prayer for the spiritual impact and influence of my trip that God would use me and this trip in a whole different level among my friends and family as they here of my trip and experience the impact it makes in me and all those that I am able to meet on the trip.  I know this trip is drawing a lot of attention and I have been getting all kinds of questions and interest and know the impact possibilities are limitless.   I know God is calling to go on this trip, and it is very little to do with my own ambition.  I think its cool and I am excited but it is far from something I would come up on my own as random and adventurous as I am, its still a little too risky and too much of a commitment for me to be totally comfortable with.  But God wants me, so I am going, but please consider praying for me and for all those this trip will impact.

Second to Food the biggest need I anticipate is lodging, I have mapped it out and have many camping sites throughout nearly all the trip, but I would love an occasional break if you happen to live or know someone that lives somewhere near my route.  I can get you estimate dates and keep you updated as best I can when I am getting closer.  But if you are interested in, and able to host me for a night or know someone that might I would absolutely love that possibility.  In addition I am looking for churches to attend along the trip, I am working on mapping them out, but if by chance you know of one I would greatly appreciate it.

Join me
Clearly leaving home, loved ones, jobs, responsibilities, etc, behind and hiking across the country rain, shine, sleet snow, mountain, dessert,  sleeping on the ground, carrying all your possessions on your back for 8 months is not something most people can even consider. Nonetheless if you can, consider coming!  I would love the company, and you don't have to do all 6,000 miles maybe just for a day or two or a few miles if you are able to make it to where I am.  I am working on a tracking app so you can tell where I am most of the time, so you can come join me any time for as much as you would like.

Inform Me
I am new at this hiking more than ten mile thing and haven't had all that much experience camping before either, nor have I been in the vast majority of states I will be living in for the upcoming 8or so months!  I defiantly am eager to hear anything you know or any tips, tricks, pointers, suggestions you have.  Also if you have any hiking supplies you aren't going to be using and think would be beneficial, I would love to be able to use them.

Spread the Word
There is no telling what the impact it might have on people, so tell your friends and family if you can't help directly maybe they can or maybe it will open the doors to some amazing conversation, share my website, my story I will love you for it.  The more people know the more determination I will have and the more impact I can have.  I also have business cards made up for anyone interested.

Between now and when I start walking, I will be having a number of fundraisers that you can participate in.  Also if you have other ideas I would love to hear them.  Including but not limited too...

Bottle Drive
Avid Soda drinker like my formal self, or just have lots of cans/ bottles that have collected up sitting in your garage?  Well why not put them to use?  Starting now leading up to the day I head out, you can either drop off you cans and bottles at my house or call me and I will come pick them up.

I will be having a Bonfire $5 admission full of games, fireworks, smores and more at my house latter in the summer, date TBA for anyone that wants to come or support my efforts you can always donate more.

Coin Drive
Have lots of coins lying around your house, car or wherever?  Why not put them to use, donate them to me walking across the country.  No need to worry about rolling or counting them just get them to me or let me know and I will get them from you.  Even better, Win by doing it.  Whoever "walks" the furthers in this drive, will be honored and win a special prize.  Pennies are equivalent to one mile, nickels five and so on.

Yard Sale
I am in the process of collecting years and years of "STUFF"  much of it never used that has been sitting around in my room attic, basement, garages etc.  I literally have everything from baby toys to dryers, televisions, game systems, electronics, clouting, furniture, organ, movies, books, you name it and prices will be unbeatable.  So come out date is not set in stone yet but likely August 11th