Sunday, May 29

Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed (2011) --- 5/10 Stars PG-13

So all in all I would say this movie was very much a take it or leave it kinda of deal, it wasn’t to the point I would recommend it nor would I warn anyone of watching it. I would recommend waiting to it is released on DVD first if you are going to watch it as I don’t think it is at all worth seeing in theaters.

The film deals with a lot of interesting and relatable relationship issues (at least for me) but doesn't come to a satisfying conclusion on any of them. To add it it the whole storyline was very redundant and expected. And seriously, considering Darcy and Rachel are longtime best friends, we know Rachel and Dex have seen one another many times in the ensuing years, and yet it isn't until Rachel's birthday that they suddenly realize they really love each other? Come on! Ridiculous. The rest of the movie is tennis game of rationalization and guilt with a few smatterings of clever witty one liners.. And Dex is a genuine jerk I hated him and think Rachel should have gone with Ethan instead. I do have to admit that up until the ending, I actually enjoyed the movie pretty well, because I kept hoping for Rachel to learn and grow. Instead, she took a huge leap backwards. Any sympathy I had garnered for her during her dilemma dissipated faster than mist in the desert.

As for the acting, John Kraszinski (Ethan) stole the movie. Charming and charismatic, his was the only character at the end I still liked. Ginnifer Goodwin was also fantastic in the role (not her fault the storyline is idiotic). Kate Hudson is annoying and almost unwatchable, nothing much there to relate to, until her last two scenes (discovering Dex's jacket, and seeing Rachel on the street). Colin Egglesfield is beautiful, though a bit stiff, and perfect to play the part of the swine Dex. As for some quotes there were some good ones so here ya go…
Darcy: You’re 30, you can’t afford to be picky
Rachel: I first met Dex 6 years ago, at NYU. He was handsome… and charming… He was just…perfect… Then he met my best friend, Darcy.
Dex: Have you ever gone down a road, far down and wondered, maybe it wasn’t what you want?
Dex: You wouldn’t happen to have, like, 4 extra pens, do you?
Rachel: Oh, I do actually…
Rachel: See what happens when you sleep with people you don't love?
Darcy: You are my bestfriend is the understatement of the century.
You're the sister I never had.
You're sometimes the mother I often need.
The reason why I can't stumble so furiously into adventures,
because she's always there.
She is always, always there.
Rachel: Ah, there's an oldmaid in the window let's get her a cab.
Rachel: He makes you the person you want to be,
instead of the person you are, and that,
the idea of life without him is,
not only unbearable, it's unimaginable.

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