Friday, July 23

Crash of a Life time

One Monday afternoon, July 5th 2010, on my way home from work on RD 29 between Norwich and South Emerson I swerved right, and then left and off an embankment, where I then proceeded to flip my poor Honda several times. Thankfully by some miracle someone saw the crash and reported it. I was knock out instantly from the impact so I do not remember a single thing until I was woken up by a team of EMT and firer-fighters numbering well over 30 who where proceeding to cut into the roof to get me out of the vehicle. Once they got in I am sure they regretted it as all I remember is puking my guts out all over them. I was then airlifted to the nearest trauma center in Coopstown NY (home of the hall of fame, or so I am told). The medical staff was really amazing and I miraculous had no broken bones, and no serious injuries, just lots of nice bruises, glass embedded in my sin and a few scrapes, that and the nausea. My amazing parents,sister, grandma, uncle, boyfriend and his mom all drove over an hour and a half as soon as they heard to come out and see me, and it made my day. They were able to stay after visiting hours as it was getting late and my mom ended up staying with me the entire night in a bathing suit. That is love. After I could hold down my stomach I was released with lots of drugs to keep me in control of my pain. I am so incredible lucky as everyone that saw the damage and was there to rescue me said. They had never seen anything like this, and thought for sure I was dead or severely injured. I think this must just go to show that I have one amazing God and he surly has something planned for me.

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