Saturday, December 11

2010 Budgeting in Review

So I have recently stumbled upon what is perhaps the best website ever created other than this blog and facebook of course. It's called and you can visit after reading this post by clicking the link in the title of this post. So in discovering this amazing site on top of being plopped into the real world following graduation with a handful of loans and a couple dollars in my pocket I have learned the importance of budgeting if I am ever going to get out of debt before say I die. So in setting up my budget and exploring what I have been spending all my money on this year I thought it was quite interesting and have to admit I was rather surprised by it. So I thought I would share my calculated break down just for kicks.

My number one spender was on wait for it wait for it....Student loans :-P yuck accounting for 26.8% of my spending poopy and I only really starting paying them all this month.

Close behind was for car expenses and care not counting gas at 22.3% of my spending

Next comes gifts/ donations at 14.6%

Then comes Taxes and State Fees/ Tickets an icky 12.9% of my spending

Next gas 12.2% - thats pretty sad

And I have to eat you know 8.4%

The last 2.7% was then on things like toothpaste, shampoo, and clothing

Pretty crazy to see just how much I spent in each of these categories also very depressing to calculate that my net worth was a stunning $73,354.42 in the whole. Donations at this time would gladly be appreciated.

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