Saturday, June 4

Fear Factor Returns

So, does anyone else remember that epic American classic stunt/dare reality game show, Fear Factor? My brother and I used to absolutely love the show I remember watching all the time and then playing it out in the backyard with my brother and sister coming up with all kinds of crazy concoctions to eat and stunts to do. Funniest part was how my sister would always eat what ever we gave her despite my brother and I throwing it off the porch or finding some what to hide it lol. And yet she could never get past the stunt stage as a simple task of jumping of the back pouch no more than 4 feet of the jump might as well been jumping out of a helicopter with no parachute for her. I guess having 8 years on here might have helped our victories but we had so much fun anyways. It was definitely our dream to make it on the show and we made sure to train regularly, so it was a very sad day when they stopped the show. But now to here that it is coming back is very exciting hopefully I now have the chance to make my premiere and 50,000 dollars I might add xD. Now to figure out how to apply....Anyone know??

Oh and just for fun here is some neat info on the show in case your not a fanatic and would like to become one. Fear Factor was based on a Dutch show called Now or Never-land (I am not gonna lie I love that name even better). When NBC imported the format to the States in 2001, it enlisted comedian Joe Rogan as the host. Each Fear Factor episode was split up into three parts: a physical challenge, a gross-out challenge and an action stunt. My siblings and I follow this format in our mini versions as well, although we all were aloud to advance. Some of the many things that were done in the show included laying in vats of snakes, rats and roaches, eat live insects or raw buffalo testicles, or find a hidden object in a vat of blood.

Telegdy notes that the series may be toned down somewhat upon its return – not a bad idea, considering it earned the ire of animal rights activists for many episodes. While the format may fit well in today’s talent (or lack there of) and personality-driven reality scene (see American Idol and Jersey Shore), fans of the original show will likely have one question: will Joe Rogan return to his hosting duties? The verdict is still out on that one my friends time shall tell. They are casting for the show right now (looking for pairs of twos- anyone wanna go with me????) and plan on making it bigger. That gets me thinking to what kind of stunts they would have then. And still trying to figure out how to get in on the action, but I am excited for the possibility of doing it and deff for watching it take off again.

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