Wednesday, June 8

Water For Elephants

Water for Elephants (2011) --- 5.5 /10 Stars PG-13

So I basically saw this movie only because I wanted to spend some time with some awesome people that happened to be going to see it, so I bit my tongue and went even the whole idea of seeing a movie with vampire dude, aka Rober Pattinson seemed like a bad idea. I may have been better off listening to my instincts, but if I had I would not have had all the fun with my friends and I would have missed out on the awesome Elephant, Rosie. She was by far the highlight to the film and perhaps made it worth it, I just wished they would have given her more of the film then they did. Vampire dude was not as horrible as I thought he would be and I was slightly able to get over thinking of him vampire guy but not enough lol. The chemistry was kinda off throughout the film and I wouldn’t call in a love story or romantic, which was rather disappointing. With that said I would not say this film is so bad that it is not worth a view, just not a favorite that is all. There are definitely some good things about the film as well, so if you are board pop it in, just don’t expect too much. Now for some quotes…

And then I laugh, because it's so ridiculous and so gorgeous and it's all I an do to not melt into a fit of giggles. So what if I'm ninety-three? So what if I'm ancient and cranky and my body's a wreck? If they're willing to accept me and my guilty conscience, why the hell shouldn't I run away with the circus? It's like Charlie told the cop. For this old man, this IS home.
I look after those who look after me. He smacks his lips, stares at me, and adds, "I also look after those who don't.
When two people are meant to be together, they will be together. It's fate.
The whole thing's illusion, Jacob, and there's nothing wrong with that. It's what people want from us. It's what they expect.
i meant what i said, and i said what i meant.
Age is terrible thief. Just when you're getting the hang of life, it knocks your legs out from under you and stoops your back"
All right. Let's give you something to tell your grandkids about. Or great-grandkids. Or great-great-grandkids.
August: As long as we can walk, we play
Jacob: I don't know if I picked that circus. But something told me that circus picked me.

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