Thursday, June 2


Rio (2011) 8.5/10 Stars G

This movie reminded me of South America, which I love and miss so therefore I may have been slightly bias just so you are forewarned, I am also very much a kid at heart. Nevertheless I really enjoyed this movie, I only saw the 2D version so I can’t attest to how it was in 3D. But it was pretty vibrant in 2D that’s for sure, the colors were fantastic so lively and not too far from reality as tropical birds are so beautiful.

It's the characters and the fish-out-of-water story that make the film so golden. Having both a wild and a domesticated parrot chained together makes for many funny moments, including a hand-gliding lesson that doesn't go so well, despite the coaching of Rafael the toucan. The added layer of a gender-reversed Romancing the Stone love story between Blu and Jewel provides further comedy. And to see the pair slowly fall in love is actually endearing to watch.
The sound track in this movie was also very good and it is very much a family friendly movie which is a refreshing change to see a good quality movie without all the garbage put into movies these days. Now for quotes of course...

Blu: Throw all the snow balls you want. I'm protected by this magical forcefield, called glass! It that keeps us so toasty and warm in here. While you guys out there are freezing your...
Blu: Linda! Little help here! Linda?
Linda: Wow! You're actually communicating!
Tulio: Yes! Yes! I introduced myself and shook my tail feathers counter clockwise, thus referring to his dominance.
Blu: I did not get that at all.
Linda: It was very nice of you to stop in and squawk around and throw my bird. But now it's time for you to go.
Jewel: Aw, this is great. I’m chained to the only bird in the world who can’t fly! Is there anything else I need to know?
Blu: Yes. I can’t fly, I pick my beak, and once in a while I pee in the birdbath!
Raphael: Blu down here. Just tell her you have beautiful eyes.
Blu: That's a great idea! [he turns to Jewel] I have beautiful eyes.
Pedro: You've got some pigeon doo-doo on your nose...
Raphael: I like you! Nothing you say makes any sense!
Cheese and Sprinkles!
Blu: Oh! Hi! Hi! My name is Blu. You know, like the cheese with the mold on it, that smells really bad.
Blu: Okay. Okay. There's not place like home! There's no place like home! Oh, how I wish I was back in my own cage, with my mirror and my swing and my little bell! Oh! How I miss my bell.
Nigel: I was striking, suave, ambitious. Feet to beak. So bodylicious. Now I am wild. I am villainous and vicious. Oh! And malicious. I had it all. A TV show. Women too! I was tall, over one foot two! And then they got a pretty parakeet to fill my shoes. That's why I'm so evil. Why I do what I do!
Nigel: I'll have you rotisseried! I'm a feathery freak, with a beak. A bird murder! You think you're badder than me. I never head of ya. I'm evil. I'll fill your cheese with evils!
Nigel: I'm unmincable. I'm unwashable. Unrinsable. Like an abandoned school, I have no principle. Full of Brazilian birds. All eighty million birds. I tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to bake you.

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