Saturday, March 20

Boo Boo Bling

So as you may have realize just about everything is now dec out in gems from your jeans to your shirts to your neck ties, but it had now been taken to the next level as even Band Aids are now decked out in gems. Behold the Bling Band Aid, for when an ordinary, peeling, dirty band aid just isn’t going to cut it. Comes studded with four Swarovski crystals which apparently now have healing powers. Miraculously they’re currently sold out. US$12 when they’re not. What’s next, Swarovski encrusted aspirin? Check out the link by clicking the title of this post if you don't belive me it is offical the Boo Boo Bling is now a reality. Also found at .

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  1. Thanks for the post Krista. You can get them for $6 at