Wednesday, March 3

Shamrock Shakes

Between my last three visits off campus I have now had 22 delicious Shamrock Shakes!! I just wanted to tell you to hurry and go to McDonald's to get yours the season is closing in. Also for all you Houghtonites you can make something really similar to a Shamrock shake in the cafeteria no less here is how, take some vanilla soft serve ice cream but it in a cup them take a fair portion of the cream de mint flavoring and dump it in and then add just a tad of Fat free milk and va isn't green but it will at least hold you over until you can make it to McDonald's or in the off season. Any fellow Shamrock Shake addicts out there? If so lets petition that they be sold all year long three months is no where near enough.

As an added bonus check out the You-Tube video commercial by clicking the title of this post. Enjoy.


  1. Have you ever mixed Mountain Dew with chocolate milk? Some guy suggested it to me freshman year and it is actually quite good. A chocolaty, root beer float like drink with a kick. Yum!

  2. EWWWW EWWWWW EWWWWW and no I would never do such a thing chocolate is gross and so is milk so anything with that in it expecially Mountain Dew is just wrong and disgusting. But I think I to vagely recall someone trying that freshman year....hehe .... I will stick to the Shamrock shakes. Except don't get the large will poop green for a week and I mean bright green.