Friday, March 12


So I tend to be a big procrastinator and am doing so as we speek by taking more quizzes instead of doing one of many assignments that have been long over do. Procrastination is a strange phenomenon. Experts define it as an intention to do something, but acting contrary to the intention by postponing it or doing something else. It often seems to be a good solution for making life more enjoyable (by delaying unpleasant responsibilities), but procrastination almost always makes things more difficult and stressful. It may provide temporary relief, but that looming deadline, those extra pounds that need to be taken off, or that annoying visit to your Great Aunt Janice, can't be put off forever. Many people struggle for years to free themselves from its chains in order to forge ahead towards academic success, fulfilling relationships, a clean house, or a healthy body.

Although it may seem as though putting something off until later isn't a big deal, studies have shown that it can turn into a serious habit. Not only can it pervade into all areas of your life, but it can result in lost opportunities, career troubles, unnecessary expenses (e.g. late fees) and even health problems. The tendency to procrastinate may also be the sign of a deeper issue, often linked to Depression, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Anxiety.
Perhaps this is my problem - Anxiety Depresssion hmmm sounds a lot like me ....oh well I will worry about that tomorrow....hehe... here are my results in case you are wondering....and do try for yourself just click the title of this post.

Overall results

According to your results, you tend to procrastinate in many areas of your life. When it comes to unpleasant tasks, your will often do whatever you can (consciously or not) to avoid them. You may also be the type who of person who will make excuses not to do something, or wait until the last minute to complete it. This may become a serious problem if not addressed.

Yeah I do indeed avoid things I don't like as much as possible I think this is why none of my papers ever get written. Anyone have any ideas how to adress my potenital serious problem?

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