Sunday, May 8

May 2011

So I just came to the realization that it has been forever, quite possibly literally forever since I just gave a random update on my life, so I figured you are due for a fill-in. However since it has been so long I really donno where to start. Hmmmm.....

Well One year ago today as a matter of fact I graduated from Houghton College, with a B.S. in Biochemistry and a B.A. degree in Psychology. It was touch and go for a while there and I had to stay after the ceremony to finish some papers, to anyone out there that is about to graduate or will in the near future avoid doing that at all cost it was miserable. Yeah they give you a week, well a few days between end of finals and graduation where you really have nothing. Except those are you last few days with everyone and they are all off having fun while you are working the trillion shifts you agreed to and trying to finish writing all those papers you put off till the last second. Take my word for it, don't do it! Have fun instead. One year out and that is whay I regret the most from my college experience that I did not take nearly as much time as I wish I could have to simply enjoy myself in the company of some awesome people. I mean I still loved college and wouldn't trade my time there for anything but I really wish I could go back take a few less courses get a few more B's instead of A's drop some shifts and just sit and under the stars and laugh with my friends. Okay enough of that.

Following graduation I panicked for a few weeks not having a clue what I wanted to do and who was going to hire me, applied a trillion and one places and ended up working at Agro Farma in New Berlin, NY. It was a hall, but I really didn't mind for a long time I loved taking the time to try new routes and loved having something to do with my time and get away from my house. I basically ended up staying with my friends the Whites virtually the whole summer as it was somewhat closer to work and I loved being with them. I got a lot of free Chobani Yogurt while I was there and have to admit that it is still the only yogurt I can eat. I loved working there with everyone as it was really fast paced, always busy, and there were just some really funny characters to work with :). I also got to work all kinds of crazy shifts, which I found fun, and even had some fun with fire hoses ;) I also got a lot of hands on experience in my field none the less!

Unfortunately the driving took a toll on me as I first flipped my Honda several times down an embankment one afternoon on my way home. I was helicoptered to Cooperstown although I was so heavily drugged that I didn't really get to enjoy much of it at all :(. A few weeks latter I was driving my dad's van home while they were in Mexico and totaled that going to fast on gravel and ran into a ditch. Then in September I ran into a Semi at work while pulling out of the parking lot. In between there I also got a lot of speeding and other traffic tickets and was in deep jeopardy of losing my license. I could add a bunch of other stuff in there but I don't want to go that personal, plus then I would have to write a whole book on here and IDK if I could finish any time soon. Lol. So I figured I needed to move close to work or find something really close to my parents house so I could avoid the whole driving thing and prepare for my license suspension. Before losing it I went on a mini vacation to Ocean City with Brandon and my family and right when we go there my Alternator went Ka-put. I wanted to take it as a sign that I was supposed to stay there forever and not come back. Unfortunately the Hotel wasn't all that agreeable with the idea. Praise God I brought a mechanic though as he fixed it all up and we got home as scheduled. As I was starting this whole process I got a random job offer from Binghamton University as a laboratory technician in there Neuroscience department. I jumped at the offer and absolutely loved every moment of it as it was a perfect combination of my interest in psychology and biology and I got to do all kinds of awesome things like play with rats, preform brain surgeries, perfusion, ELISA's and a whole mess of other nerdy things like HPLC, Microdyalysis, Immuno Assays, Stereology, Brain slicing, staining and mounting, and more! It was an awesome job and loved it plus it was way closer to home.

Shortly after I started at BU around thanksgiving time I started working nights as a Home Care Provider for an elderly couple with Alzheimer's/ dementia Alfredo and Mimi. I have fallen in love with them and they have with me, it is a pretty awesome job as most of the time I am just getting paid to sleep or watch movies or play on facebook. Although some nights Mimi or Alfredo with make up for all that by having a kick boxing party and throwing my across the room or screaming bloody murder like I am trying to kill them. But all in all it is a lot of fun and they are really sweet. In mid-December my Suby, Freddy decided to die on me while I was driving home on a twisty turning road. The cops stopped I could even get my phone out to call for I swear they follow me around every where. But my car was shot... I still don't know what was wrong with it exactly just that it would not run, and I was sick of him so thanks to the Whites for loaning me a car I was able to get a new car in less that a week....craziness as it took me months to find the Suby in the first place...but I bought a 2006 Chevy Cobolt (Coby). He is a stick which I thought I would hate but actually makes makes me drive so much better, go figure. I love him!!!! So glad I got him.

The day I got him was Ironically my grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary!!! And since my grandma was persistent on not having a big party my uncle from VA, aunt from ND and cousin from DE all came out and surprised them at a little Italian place and we all had a blast and they totally loved it! We had time after enjoying all the memories and pictures and made up games and gifts. I am so proud of them and love them more every day. Both of them have turned 70 in the last year as well my grandpa in November and grandma in February. It is weird Because I used to think 70 was so old, but now I donno and I hope they make it to 100. I turned 23 last month, ironically the age I have long since deemed OLD. So I guess I am officially old I ended up celebrating with friends by going bowling, playing apples to apples then laughing hysterically and acting like 3 year olds it was a BLAST! Actually even despite working every day pretty much all day and night I have had a lot of fun and gotten to meet and hang out with a lot of awesome people, from church, my small group, old friends in the area and various other friends. I also got to visit Jenn in DC which was a blast....and am soon going for our yearly reunion in MD, ocean hopefully Coby does a lot better for me then my Suby did. Oh and with that car thing I didn't lose my license yet anyways, although I got a ticket on April fools that I have to try and get reduced next month. I haven't had any more wrecks, and have instead switched to locking my keys in the car all the time...I have AAA on speed dial and love them to death for saving me, but I will take that over crashes any day.

As of last week, my job at BU ended due to the ending of funding so I currently have a lot more time on my hands although I still work at nights with Mimi and Alfredo. I still keep really busy as you can expect if you know me I have cropped down over 50 trees and cleared out the forest we have for a yard as well as my neighbors yard. I have also been doing a lot of job hunting and research into possible relocation....hopefully Colorado, but we shall see what happens... I feel like I have applied a trillion places and I feel that I am doing it so much I don't even care anymore and I just apply without really thinking so I am not sure that is helping me at all. At the same time I am giving it all to God and I know he will make ti clear what be doing next and where I should be, I have a lot of peace about that right now and am very glad for that.

Lets see, I think that mostly sums it up. Thanks for keeping tune. Hopefully I will be better at keeping you all up to date from here on out.


  1. Aww Krista I miss you! You have had an insane year!

  2. Sure have, and I left a bunch out...hopefully it settles down a little.