Tuesday, May 24

Shamrock Update 2011

Well now that the shakes are getting mighty scares round here I guess I gotta do my final count for the 2011 season.... Wait for it Wait for it.... I had a grand total of 62 SHAKES (That is 4 smalls, 6 larges, and 52 mediums, I am a medium kinda gal what can I say)!!!!!! That is 24 more than last season xD. Deff one for the record books!! My highlight was most deff shakes number 50 and 51. As both ended up being free, 50th because I told them of my accomplishment and then 51st because they put a cherry in the 50th and I asked for no cherry!!! =) Was a super awesome night. I will have to check to see how much weight I have put on in these last 3 months....super long season this year too thanks to them ordering so much ....love love loved that too!!!!! Till next year ....

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