Saturday, May 28

New Pages

Hey guys, So I am working on setting up some new pages for your enjoyment, one full of all of my favorite quotes from Bible verses, Nerd Quotes, Words of Wisdom, Pick Up Lines and everything in between. Then another page for all the movies I have seen- just starting on that one so bare with me as I have seen a least 10 ever week since I graduated college. And then another one for book reviews. I would love comments on things you like don't like as well as suggestions on if you want me to do a certain book or movie, and I will get one that, the pages should soon have pics as well. Just wanted to give you all a heads up on what I am up to. Also if you have further suggestions for possible pages or post in general I am open to suggestions as always and might just do it. Thanks again for reading. Oh in case you don't know, you can get to these pages simply by clicking on them (Quotes, Movie Reviews etc.) at the top left, and you can always go back to Home to see my most recent posts. Enjoy. Oh and P.S. For the movies and books I am also gonna be posting on each of them so you can read them all that way too at least the new ones as I read/ watch them, but also have them up on the page for easy reference.

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