Sunday, May 1

Shamrock Update

Hey guys so this has been the most deliciously amazing shamrock shake season here in upstate New York anyhow. They apparently ordered way too much shamrock shake, although if you ask me they simply never ordered enough before. Either way the shakes are still around although they won't last much longer and are starting to dwindle :(. But it is May so I can't complain too much and I have so far gotten in a tasty 48 (That is 3 smalls, 4 larges, and 41 mediums)!!! If all goes well I should make that a nice 50 by the official end of the season xD. But just thought I would keep you updated and let you know that last years record (38) was clearly blown out of the water, although I must admit it was harder to blow away then I thought and I am certainly setting my self up for a challenge for next year. Of the information I was able to obtain I discovered that there was a 30 cent price difference among the 13 McDonald's that I went to for this season all in Broome/ Tioga Areas. Oddly enough Binghamton was home to both the most expensive and the cheapest that I found. The winner for best Shamrock shake maker in the area after several comparisons was the McDonald's right in Endicott on Maine Street they made it perfect just about every time and with a perfect swirl props to them xD. Worst makers in the area was Vestal McDonald's on 434, they would mix in chocolate at the bottom or strawberry or just fail, pretty consistently, they made it right once or twice but by far the worst makers I came across. As far as outside the Southern Tier I unfortunately did not get too much info this year if you know any please pass it on I would love to know. I am hopefully moving soon and it would be a big help if I knew all the info. I did get a few sources from Western NY Buffalo and Rochester area and it seems to be nearly identical prices as here except they did not oder. nearly as much so they ran out a while ago. But in Connecticut they have them on the dollar menu!!! How sick is that, pretty much half the price as the average for a small here was $1.99. That was quite depression to here and Connecticut

is deff on the moving list for next march.


  1. Oh Krista you and your shamrock shakes ;)That's probably what help you stay true to your lent resolution (if that's what you call it ;)) <3

  2. You better believe it, with out them I would have had no shot ....I now have a trunk full of dew though lol but shakes are much harder to come by.