Wednesday, February 3

100 Random things about me.

1. My family is crazy, I am crazy, like seriously psychologically insane, we all pretty much have some sort of disorder and we are all wacky but at the same time we are all really fun certainly top grade entertainment.

2. I spend hours and hours online doing nothing productive, facebooking, blogging and doing random searches.

3. I have had two cars first a gold 1997 Saturn that I totaled about a month after I got it then it overheated about a year and 3 months after that, now I have a Honda Civic 2000.

4. I love pranks…funny ones not seriously harmful ones….both doing them and I can always appreciate a good one when someone pulls one on me. (But beware I will get you back 100 fold)

5. I was single till I was 19 never even held hands.

6. I used to be really depressed and sad all the time but then I gave everything to God (of course this was a 4 year process) and now I can’t imagine feeling unhappy, yes I get sad but I haven’t not been happy in a long time

7. Giving three wishes (apart from the obvious wishing for more wishes) I would wish that I would be able to always be as strong in my faith as I am right now, for economic security, and lastly I would wish for a happy future to come

8. I love kids and I want some someday…not sure on the details would nice to have 3-4 maybe but any would be amazing to have.

9. I have never been drunk, and haven't had any alcohol since I turned 21.

10. I came to Christ when I was really little decided to commit my life to him when I was 8 at a heaven and hell play and was baptized when I was 19.

11. I moved 6 times in grade school between 3 school districts and never moved buildings while in the same school district.

12. I used to be strictly a sneakers person but I have recently started liking flip-flops in the summer time anyways but I deff prefer comfort to style – not that style is bad or anything.

13. I am high on life high on Jesus and it is one high that will last as long as you let it….as I am recently discovering.

14. I am not a make-up person not like some ppl I do wear it sometimes now but not too much and I am not fussy with things like that… will only put it on in private I am really embarrassed making myself up in any way around ppl.

15. I don’t do most all drinks, nothing hot, not too much a fan of soda or most juices so mostly I stick to the water and then my recent addiction Diet Mountain Dew!!

16. I have been on a few plans but on three trips to Florida on my 8th birthday (turned 8 on the plane !!! hehe) California when I was 16 and then to Guyana when I was 18 and then to Bolivia in 2008.

17. I was in the newspaper when I was four, for pouring a glass of milk at my preschool.

18. When I am bored you will find me watching lots of T.V. shows playing on facebook or laying around doing absolutely nothing when I am too lazy to even get my laptop.

19. I like mints over gum, they dispose of themselves

20. Until my 20th Birthday I hadn't owned a dress since I was 7.

21. I like jeans …though I am trying to branch out a bit.

22. Weekends are the best…depends on what my schedule is or what I am doing on what my favorite day of the week is but prolly is most likely Sunday.

23. I have been asked out 7 times only said yes once though and never really said no directly to the others.

24. I try not to swear but on rare occasion I have before regrettably so but usually when I am by myself.

25. I am much more of a dog lover than a cat person though I like cat too just not as much as I love dogs.

26. Since I haven’t really done too much remarkable with my life at this point I consider my greatest achievement just to be the person I have become and how much I have been able to open up and how far I have come in my walk with God.

26. I love road trips one day I would like to just go out on a road trip particularly out west just to explore and see the countryside.

27. I was conceived July 1st 1987, which was a Friday.

28. I really like random trivia facts…just for fun, I don’t remember to many of them and will more than likely never use them but I enjoy reading them and learning weird, random facts.

29. I had to learn how to drive on stick with my 2nd grade Sunday school teacher cause my parents were too afraid consequently it too me 20 months after I had my permit but I passed the first time despite jumping the curve while parallel parking.

30. I love Disney movies always have and always will.

31. Actually I love all movies really and watch them all the time…. mostly all kinds depending though my least favorite genres would have to be Horror, and action.

32. I am really easy going and it takes a lot to really get at me but when you do stay clear.

33. I really like random things and I am sometimes really random consequently usually it is just for the sake of being random other times it is just me. Like taking surveys and questions things for example I love it. Good way to waste my time.

34. I donno if I believe in soul mates per say, but I hope there is one for me.

35. I am technically republican as in that is what I am registered as but I am deff more moderate in my political beliefs.

36. I haven’t ever broken any bones.

37. The only surgeries I have had were tubes in my ears when I was little and a whole mess of teeth junk.

38. I had two sets of baby teeth, unfortunately most of the second set stayed in, requiring me to get them pulled or surgically removed.

39. I peed my pants during the Iowa’s in 2nd grade.

40. I used to be absolutely terrified of the phone, talking on it that is, to anybody.

41. I refused to have Birthday parties cause I was to afraid to invite ppl, and would have a fit … I mean I temper tantrum (ending in me threatening to kill myself) when my mom would force me to invite my friends. ( this was even in 10/ 11th grade)

42. Pepsi over coke though soda makes me sick….diet mountain dew…is the way to go

43. I love traveling wither it is down the street to another state or across the world I love it and want to do more of it.

45. I have pulled lots of all nighters the worst of which involved 119 tums…hehe though that was a fun time minus me hurting Holly

46. I like night time, I hate mornings…. daytime falls some where in between depending on what I am doing.

47. My favorite flavor in candy and things is prolly lime, I am pretty sure that just started from me likening green which I derived from mine and my grandma goon’s eyes being green.

48. My favorite number is 8 sometimes 88 and has been since I was 8 cause I loved that year, I flew and I became a big sister not to mention a lot of other things.

49. I cried for the first year of my life cause of my ear infections and I was allergic to the formula…and afterwords I hardly said boo until recently that is.

50. “Google it ” that is my answer for just about everything I am to tired or to lazy to figure out

51. I wish I was better at forming and maintaining friendships, wish I could open up more with ppl

52. Houghton College is basically one of the most amazing places on earth and we all know that isn’t because of the climate.

53. I love the Ocean and the beach…but my favorite part is digging in the sand.

54. I love rides and roller coasters.

55. I met my ex-fiance on facebook of all places.

56. I have the most amazing puppy in the world Sadie, a ridge back who isn’t quite a puppy any more.

57. I like eggs sunny side up

58. Gasoline stinks I hate the smell of it, spilled it all over the place once when I got in a fight with my brother when I was like 9

59. Electricity was certainly the greatest invention

60. I don’t like chocolate at all, minus white chocolate.

61. I am usually a really good guesser

62. I am really self conscious and really easy to get to cave in.

63. I hardly ever eat breakfast and when I do I nearly always regret it.

64. I would really like to go suba diving sometime.

65. I like to be challenged always have since 4th grade… it is what prevents me from beings so lazy and really gets me motivated.

66. I would choose love over money any day, after all there are somethings money can’t by, and those are the things that really matter.

67. I don’t think I hate anyone I know at one point I really felt I hated my mom but that is only person I can ever really say I hated other than myself of course.

68. I have lived in 2 homes , and then the dorms and townhouses here .

69. Favorite candy would have to be recies pieces, carmal creams, payday candy bars and skittles

70. I dislike English always have, prolly since I can’t read to well, can’t spell anything and have the worst grammar in the world.

71. anything I commit to I do well on, the problem is I rarely commit to things.

72. I hate puking, I avoid it at all costs.

73. I like science and math and psychology, mainly cause I am good at them but they are also really interesting and I can apply them to everything.

74. I was suppose to be born on April fools day but came 4 days late and weighted 7.8 and was 21” long.

75. Spring is my favorite season but there are things I love and dislike about all of them.

76. I have never had any cavities or braces.

77. I have worn glasses since 2nd grade when I bet my best friend melissa that I would fail both the eye exam and ear exam at the nurses office and did (turns out I had spit wads in my ears)

78. I got first place in bible quizzing in 8th grade

79. My Favorite teachers were Mrs. Klinger, Mrs. Dutcher, Doc Watson, and Prof Stegan.

80. I am a Daddy’s girl through and through …even though I have started to become more like my mom in personality I will always be a Daddy’s girl.

81. I called my Grandma “goon” cause I couldn’t say grandma and it stuck

82. All my family members have birthmarks I was blessed with a huge blob on my upper right inner thigh and a could on my arms, while my little sister got all the cool shaped ones.

83. I was able to predict the date my sister was born and won a contest my mom had for her 3rd grade class.

84. I am one of those odd ones that have always wanted to be younger, when I was eight I wrote my paper about how old I would like to be forever as being 0, I eventually moved up to 2 then to 8 and I think I am stuck on 23 now…even though I am not there and sometimes I wish I could go back to younger ….if it was forever I would want to have some responsibility….guess I have finally grown up hehe.

85. I am prolly one of the lest coordinated people you will ever meet I once tripped up the stairs 37 times in one day…not my best day.

86. I once got a 4 out of a 100 on a math test that I studied for and answered all the questions to and then retook it and got a 12.

87. I was so bad at spelling when I was younger that the only time I remember doing remotely well was in third grade at this one school that my mom kick me out of right after the test that I got a 105 on ….granted our bonus word was pot but still it was exciting.

88. In middle school I was commonly refereed to and pick on as “fly girl” cause my fly was undone during a Spanish class one day.

89. I have never really known my neighbors, like I don’t think I could point them out if I saw them even, apart form college life you know.

90. For all that I can remember I have lived on top of a hill.

91. I was born in Charlotte, NC.

92. I love to laugh love to smile consequently I do it just about all the time.

93. I have always loved veggies over over things exp sweets…. i would much done on the carrots while everyone is digging into cake.

94. I like onions raw and whole with lots of salt….I can eat them just like apples, and even when I was little I would wear the rings on my arm like braceletts.

95. I like walking over driving and stairs over elevators….unless there are more than 6 flights then I will opt for an elevator.

96. I am more of a pen person….pencils never work for me and the witting fades too quickly.

97. I love stargazing and watching thunderstorms as well as sunsets and sunrises…. they are just wonderful to marvel at.

98. I like outhouse books…hehehe

99. I usually walk really fast when I am alone and really slow when I am with ppl.

100. I have SO MUCH Work to do.

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