Thursday, February 25

Going to the Dentist

Hey so I went to the dentist today for what may very well be the last time in a long time as I will no longer be covered under my parents for a long time. I rarely go anyways, they are always so surprised that I haven't been in years and they know to just tell me to come in at least once every couple years since they know they is no chance to get me to following the 6 month cleaning rule. But yeah I went half cause I figured I should before my insurance was out but mostly cause I chipped my tooth after running into the metal door frame in Paine. Yeah not the smartest thing to do and my dentist prohibited me from doing it any not fair. But yeah so I went in and they must have stuck like four million things in my mouth between saws and glues and air and water and cleared and polish and who knows what but next thing you know my tooth was back as before just like that. I was amazing at how they did that and so fast. I guess that shows how rarely I go to dentist the technology is so much better now. So that was amazing and I as so happy, but then came the cleaning that they force me into since it has been so long and then the X-rays, and the cancer screening.
It seems like they had to use everything they had on me just cause they wanted to show it off and I admit it was fancy and neat but I don't think it is worth the ca-gillion dollars it will cost. The one thing I love in going to the dentist is that nice clean feeling you get after words and then milkshake....SHAMROCK shake you get at McDonald's afterwords if you are good, and the of course the prizes and new toothbrush that you would get although I notice there are no longer prizes... I guess I am too old for that so now all I get is more X-rays and a nice cancer screening... Oh Stickers and rings and dinosaurs sound so much better oh to be a kid again. I have also noticed a lot of other not so fun things as I have grown up. Now it seems that when they clean that really means poke and poke and dig at your gums and teeth until you bleed like crazy and then yell at you for not flossing. Is it just me or doesn't it make since that you would bleed if someone is digging and poking around with sharp metal things in your mouth?? Also what is with the rinsing every two seconds? I rise so much and usually all that comes out is blood and then I get to the part where you actually want to rise the polishing part and then there is no more rise left! So sad I guess I was supposed to be taking very small rises those first 20 million times. Woops. So yeah those are my pet peeves with the dentist. But as I sit here with a nice new smooth front tooth and that clean feeling sipping my Shamrock shake I can't complain too much now can I ?

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